An important tip before you begin...

Before you snap any photos or contact us to inquire, we have one recommendation: 

Get to know us.

  • Coming in to the store and browsing our merchandise is the best way to determine if what you have to sell would be a good fit at inretrospect.  If a visit is not possible, viewing our website slideshow to get a feel for the types of items we feature would be the next best thing.

  • Our store is a curated collective of approximately twenty dedicated, professional dealers who handle the majority of the buying duties for inretrospect.

  • We do not take items on consignment, and generally only purchase larger items - such as furniture - or inventory in "bulk," such as large collections or entire estates.

*   *   *


  • We specialize in "Mid-Century Modern" items from the 1950s-1970s, accented with select pieces of pop culture and fashion from the 1980s and 1990s.  We do not purchase older, traditional "antique" items, nor contemporary or newly-made items.

  • Generally, we only purchase items in "sales floor" ready condition.  We do not purchase pieces that need serious repair or restoration.  Minor flaws and imperfections from normal use and wear are acceptable.  We do not normally purchase clothing or "fine" jewelry (i.e. diamonds, silver, and gold).

  • If what you're selling meets the above criteria, please send an email describing your items along with several photos that accurately show their condition to We promise a response within 24 hours of receipt.


  • We are always looking for ambitious, self-motivated individuals who work with dedication and pride, and whose area of expertise would be a welcome complement to the inretrospect aesthetic.  Our preference is for experienced sellers who do this as a profession rather than the occasional hobbiest.

  • Dealers at inretrospect pay a monthly rental fee based on square-footage, along with a commission on any items sold.  Our rates are fair and competitively priced for the Southern California vintage market, with the added advantage of a prime location in the heart of Long Beach's Retro Row. Further details will be provided for serious inquiries.

  • Currently, we are seeking dealers who specialize in Mid-Century furniture and related home decor and art, Pop Culture-themed items, and/or Space Age/Atomic Design and toys.

  • Categories for which we are currently not soliciting dealers include general  "smalls", vinyl records, and clothing.

Tell us more...

  • Now that you know a little more about us, we would love to know more about you.  Click here to email us and we'll get the conversation going!  Please provide sample photos and a brief description of the type of goods you'd like to sell at inretrospect.  Please also include links to websites or online platforms through which you are currently selling, as well ask a list of any brick and and mortar locations at which you are currently selling, or have sold at in the past.  We promise an initial response within 24 hours of receipt.