in the wild world of vintage, we've all been there for the add-on box of randoms that turns out to be more valuable than the item we actually sought to purchase. But this one takes the cake!

Jezebel reports:

Some of us just can’t resist a promising pile of junk. Every now and then it pays off—for instance, in the case of a woman who found herself in possession of a Warhol estimated to be worth at least $60,000.

The story goes that a seller on NYC's Lower East Side threw in an extra box of random stuff as part of the $200 asking price for a couch. The lucky buyer discovered the treasure -- depicting male genitalia in classic Warhol style -- and it's now for sale online:. (link is NSFW, BTW).

As described in the listing:

“This original silkscreen on canvas reveals the sensual forms of the male pelvis and hips in washes of pink, green, and aqua blue,” making it “a unique emblem from the Pop master’s oeuvre.”

We'd tell you more, but we're feeling a shopping run coming on...